Norwegian Centre for 
Violence and Traumatic Stress Studies, NKVTS

Norwegian Centre for Violence and Traumatic Stress Studies develops and disseminates knowledge and competence in the field of violence and traumatic stress.

The centre’s objective is to help prevent and reduce the health-related and social consequences that can follow from exposure to violence and traumatic stress. The centre has an international outlook and develops knowledge at an international academic level.

Our main tasks are:
Research and development, as well as dissemination in the form of teaching, guidance and counselling. The centre assumes an interdisciplinary perspective, which includes medical, psychological, social, cultural and legal aspects.

The centre emphasizes issues related to ethnicity and dimensions of age and gender.

The topics of research can be categorized under the following main headings: Violence, sexual abuse, disasters and refugees/asylum seekers.

We cooperate with regional expert communities in the field of violence and trauma, as well as relevant clinical communities, research institutions and professional agencies nationally and internationally. NKVTS does not undertake clinical activities, although the knowledge produced at the centre is intended to benefit practitioners, in a wide sense.

Gullhaugveien 1-3, 5 etg, 0484 Oslo

Master i psykososialt arbeid
Master's degree in psychosocial work
Area: Violence and traumas

Norwegian Centre for Violence and Traumatic Stress Studies, Gullhaugveien 1-3, 5 floor, 0484 Oslo
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