Topic: Violence and abuse

Religious sectarianism and defector issues

2007 This project has been completed 2008

Project Manager

Project Member

  • Skoglund, Audhild

Main objective

This survey is based on both press reports and records from private assistance facilities regarding defectors of small religious societies who have experienced problems after defecting.

This project will illustrate what types of issues defectors encounter and propose relevant and beneficial measures to alleviate these problems as well as propose future research within this field.


The foundation of this study will be primarily qualitative interviews, literary reviews, and relevant statistical Applications.

1. Interviews with defectors raised within religious minorities.

2. Interviews with health facilities and humanitarian organizations.

3. Review press allegations against “sects” and religious minorities.

4. Literary review of both Norwegian and International research within this field.

5. Review the so-called “sect reports” which encompasses some European legislation and controversies.

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Skoglund, A., Sveinall, A. T., Paulsen, M., & Lien, I. L. (2008). Religiøse grupper og bruddprosesser: Kunnskapsstatus, erfaringer og hjelpebehov [Religious groups and processes of disengagement: Knowledge status, experience and assistance needs.] Norwegian only. Oslo: Nasjonalt kunnskapssenter om vold og traumatisk stress. (Rapport 3/2008).