The Norwegian Centre for Violence and Traumatic Stress Studies (NKVTS) develops research on violence and traumatic stress. This research aims to help those affected by violence and trauma, and also to develop, report and inform good practice to those who work with these individuals, as well as advancing academic research. Our goal is to prevent and reduce the health and social consequences that violence and traumatic stress can have.

Our vision:

A better life for those affected by violence and trauma

Our centre is internationally oriented and develops knowledge on an international, academic level.

Prioritised areas:

  • Research and development
  • Communication: teaching, academic supervision and counselling
  • Consulting

Our centre’s approach is interdisciplinary, which includes medical, psychological, social, cultural and judicial fields. In our research, ethnicity, age and gender factors are main focuses.

Fields of expertise:

NKVTS collaborates with regional resource teams within the field of violence and trauma, as well as other relevant clinical groups, research institutions and assistance services nationally and internationally. Our centre does not operate at a clinical level, but the research is beneficial for those who work with individuals exposed to violence, abuse and other trauma.

Organizational structure

The managing director at NKVTS is Inger Elise Birkeland.

The following sections are responsible for research and development:

  • Section for Violence and Trauma – Children and Youth. Head of section: Carolina Øverlien
  • Section for Violence and Trauma – Adults and Elderly. Head of section: Solveig Bergman
  • Section for Trauma, Catastrophes and Forced Migration – Children and Youth. Head of section: Grete Dyb
  • Section for Trauma, Catastrophes and Forced Migration – Adults and Elderly. Head of section: Marianne Opaas
  • Section for Implementation and Treatment Research. Head of section: Karina Egeland (substituting for Silje Mørup Ormhaug)

The centre also has the following support staff:

NKVTS was established January 1st 2004 and was, until July 2019, a daughter company of UNIRAND AS, owned by the University of Oslo. NKVTS is currently in the process of formalising ties with its new owner, NORCE research.

The Board

The Board consists of seven members and alternate members.

Commissioning Institutions

The Ministry of Health and Care Services, Ministry of Justice and Public Security and Ministry of Children and Equality are the primary financers of NKVTS. NKVTS also has projects financed by the Norwegian Research Council, EU, and others.

Other agencies and institutions can order the centre’s services. In these cases NKVTS will evaluate each request separately to see if it is within our scope of expertise and work capacity.