The Board of NKVTS

The Board consists of seven members and nine alternate members. Three members are nominated by NORCE research, two are nominated by the Norwegian Directorate of Health, and two are nominated by NKVTS’ employees.

Executive Chairperson:

Herlof Nilssen

Deputy Chairperson:

Jon Harald Kaspersen, EVP Health & Social Sciences, NORCE

Board members:

  • Cathrine Bjordal Bergheim, Head of Section, The Children’s House, Moss
  • Lisbeth Kristine Røyneland, Leader of the July 22nd Support Group
  • Gertrud Sofie Hafstad, Researcher II, NKVTS
  • Anja Emilie Kruse, Researcher II, NKVTS

Alternate members:

  • Gunn Hætta, Social Worker (alternate member for Cathrine Bjordal Bergheim)
  • Ellen Merethe Roberg, Subsitute Teacher at Røråstoppen skole (alternate member for Lisbeth Kristine Røyneland)

Alternate members for NORCE representatives:

  • Trond Mydland, Head of Research NORCE Social Sciences
  • Grethe Johnsen, Researcher II NORCE Health
  • Tord S. Linden, SVP Sustainability and Renewal NORCE

Alternate members for employee representatives:

  1. Harald Bækkelund, Researcher II, Head of Section NKVTS
  2. Helle Håve Stangeland, PhD Research Fellow NKVTS
  3. Runhild Grønlie, Communications Advisor NKVTS
  4. Anne Lie Andreassen, Research Advisor NKVTS