Topic: Violence and abuse

A week to count: A survey of cases concerning violence in close relationships worked on by assistance services 2012.

“A Week to Count” is a survey of cases of violence in close relationships that different assistance services work on during one particular week.

2012 This project has been completed 2012

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Main objective

The objective of this project was to survey all incidences of violence in close relationships reported to different assistance services during one week. These assistance services included; police districts, crisis centers, elderly protective services, services for victims of crime, family counseling offices, assault care centers at the A & E and a selection of Norwegian labor and welfare administration offices (NAV) and child protective services offices.


The survey was web-based, where participating services filled out a questionnaire on the internet providing information about each of the cases of violence in close relationships they were working on during that specific week.

Further information

The project was assigned to the Norwegian Centre for Violence and Traumatic Stress Studies, NKVTS, by the Ministry of Justice and Public security


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