Topic: Disasters, terror and stress management

The Tsunami programme Part 8: The effect of visiting the disaster area on survivors and the bereaved

2005 This project has been completed 2007

Project Members

  • Heir, Trond
  • Lindgaard, Camilla Vibe
  • Tønnessen, Arnfinn
  • Kristensen, Pål
  • Weisæth, Lars

Main objective

The purpose of the study is to study the effect a return to the site of the disaster has for impacted persons coping with the experience of the disaster.


The project comprises a questionnaire and participating observation.


Heir, T., & Weisæth, L. (2006). Back to where it happened: Self-reported improvement of Tsunami Survivors who returned to the disaster area. Prehospital and Disaster Medicine, 21, 59-63.