«All of Me Disappeared»

Glad, K. A. (2016). "Hele meg forsvant" [«All of Me Disappeared»] Norwegian only. Tidsskrift for Norsk Psykologforening, 53(3), 208-211.

Only what is lost is eternally owned said Karl, who after a robbery experienced to lose a feeling of safety that he previously had taken for granted. Karl came to me after he had been robbed with a knife at a subway station in the city. A day and a half after the robbery, he suddenly experienced strong reactions: He was very scared; he had trouble breathing; and he was crying and trembling intensely. During the following weeks and months, Karl startled easily; he was afraid to go out in public; and he found it hard to pay attention during conversations. Memory and concentration difficulties created problems for him both professionally and socially. Karl’s story illustrates the challenges many people who have experienced something traumatic encounters post-trauma, but it also provides a hope of recovery.

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