Topic: Violence and abuse

Crisis Center Statistics 2004

2004 This project has been completed 2005

Project Member

  • Jonassen, Wenche

Main objective

Develop a statistical data set that shows what type of use and how much are crisis centers used during 2004 and publish a memorandum on the basis of this data.

Further information

The Norwegian Center for Violence and Traumatic Stress Studies, NKVTS has been assigned by the Ministry of Children, Equality and Social Inclusion to collect statistical data from the crisis centers during 2004.

Being developed is an overview of data about the number of phone consultations made, how many women, children and men resided at the crisis centers and how many visited the crisis centers for a consultation, all this data will then be distributed amongst their different municipalities and counties. How many counties financially support their crisis centers will also be presented in the report. The data overview will be presented during February/ March of 2005.

A memorandum will also be written on the basis of how many clients lived at or visited the crisis centers during 2004. This data will also include background information about both the victim and the perpetrator, the reason for contacting the center, which services (if this is the case) referred the victim to the center, how long has the abuse/violence taken place, which (if applicable) other assistance services have been involved and what type of aid did the crisis center offer etc.


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