Topic: Violence and abuse

Expectations to, and experiences with the legal system among women who have beeen abused

2006 This project has been completed 2011

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Main objective

The main purpose of this research project is to acquire increased knowledge on how women exposed to serious violence committed by former or current spouses/cohabitants experience their encounters with the police, prosecuting authority and the court.


The research project is qualitative, and the methods are interviews and participant observation. Two court cases will be monitored from beginning to end, and the women involved in the legal process will be interviewed twice during the period that the court cases are ongoing. In addition, 10 women who have already been through the legal process will be interviewed about their experiences.

The project is a doctoral project under the doctoral programme at the Faculty of Law at the University of Oslo. Both nationally and internationally, very little research has been done that examines this encounter from the women’s point of view, and to the extent that these types of studies have been done, focus has been, with few exceptions, on the women’s encounters with the police or prosecuting authorities. The project is approved by the Norwegian Social Science Data Services (NSD)


Grøvdal, Y. (2012). En vellykket sak? Kvinner utsatt for mishandling møter strafferettsapparatet. Unipub forlag. (Dissertation).