Topic: Violence and abuse

Female Genital Mutilation: Review and update of the information material and accessibility

The internet-based guidance on FGM will be an even better tool to guide in situations where FGM can be an important aspect, as well as the material developed to support this work

2013 This project has been completed 2014

Project Manager

Project Members

  • Martens, Britta
  • Ersvik, Thea Grydeland
  • Robertsen, Tonje


Mapping of the experiences I knowledge of and use of the different tools was carried out through interviews with a wide variety of user. New technical solutions are explored, and the guidance pages will be amended for easier orientation and the material updated and expanded. Then work will be carried out to ensure all those who need it are aware of the existing tools, and how to find and use them.

Existing pamplhets are updated, translated to at least one more language, Arabic, then published on the web.

A new pamphlet on FGM for young boys has been developed and is published in Norwegian. Translations to other languages will be considered