Topic: Violence and abuse

Female genital mutilation/cutting: Healthcare for minor girls – a pilot study

Girls subjected to female genital mutilation/cutting (FGM/C) may suffer from a variety of health problems that require treatment. It is estimated that over 2,800 Girls, in the age group (10-19), have been subjected to FGM/C prior to migration to Norway. Nevertheless, the main focus on FGM/C in regards to children and youth has been on prevention, both in Norway and internationaly. Literature on organization, availability, accessibility and acceptability of healthcare services for young girls subjected to FGM/C is almost non-existent.

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Main objective

The overall aim of this pilot study is to explore factors that affect the utilization of health services provided to children and youth subjected to FGM/C.

Subsidiary objectives

The specific objectives are: 1) Explore the health seeking behavior of parents/guardians of children subjected to FGM/C. 2) Explore the availability, Accessibility and acceptability of the health services provided to children and youth subjected to FGM/C.


The study adopted a qualitative method design. 16 in-depth interviews with purposefully selected parents/guardians, female youth (15-25 years old) and key informants were conducted. All recorded interviews were transcribed verbatim, coded and thematically analyzed. Ethical clearance was obtained from the Norwegian Social Science Data Services (NSD).

Further information

Findings from this pilot study, together with other questions that address the organization of the health services, will form the basis for a PhD project within the framework of a Research Council funded project ”Physical and mental health care for girls and women with FGM/C” in the period 2017 – 2020.

The final results will provide unique and new knowledge necessary for strengthening both healthcare provision and utilization for this vulnerable group both in Norway and internationally. The close collaboration between NKVTS and Norwegian Ministry of children, equality and social inclusion (BLD) and the Directorate of Health (H.dir) is a particular strength. It will ensure that the results of this study will not only be disseminated, but will also be translated into action by key decision makers in Norway.


Ziyada, M. M., & Johansen, R. E. B. (2017). Helsehjelp til mindre√•rige jenter som har blitt utsatt til kj√łnnslemlestelse – en pilotstudie. Oslo: NKVTS.