Topic: Violence and abuse

Intimate violence against men

Women's shelters in Norway were inforced by Law from 2010 and are now run as public support agencies. Men exposed to violence are now one of the target Groups of the shelters. This study describes men clients at the shelters, what kind of problems they present, what kind of support they need, and how they evaluate the support they are given.

2012 This project has been completed 2015

Project Members

  • Jonassen, Wenche

Main objective

The target of the study is to gain knowledge about men’s needs of support when they are exposed to family violence, and compare their situation with the one women victims of violence to increase the quality of the support given to women an men at the shelters.


The study has two main data set. One is shelter statistics from the year of 2012, containing background data of 2000 women and 119 men clients.

The other data set is interviews with 18 men who have received sheltersupport , and interviews with employes and persons in charge of the 3 different shelters.


Grøvdal, Y., & Jonassen, W. (2015). Menn på krisesenter [Men in domestic violence shelters] Norwegian only. Oslo: Nasjonalt kunnskapssenter om vold og traumatisk stress. (Rapport 5/2015).