Topic: Violence and abuse

Minority ethnic parents and children and their experiences with assistance services due to domestic violence

Studies conducted in Nordic countries indicate minority ethnic children and youth have an increased risk of experiencing violence at home compared to ethnic Nordic Children. Several reports in Norway show that  minority ethnic families and children are overrepresented at Statens Barnehus, in shelters and in the Norwegian child welfare services due to domestic violence. However, an adequate explanation for this overrepresentation does not exist, and little is known about the assistance and the support families receive during and after experiencing domestic violence.  

2016 This project has been completed 2019

Project Members

  • Hauge, Mona-Iren
  • Kiamanesh, Parvin

Main objective


The primary aim of the  Project  is to provide knowledge about how parents and children with a minority ethnic background understand, explain and experience the assistance and measures applied from assistance services due to domestic violence.


Subsidiary objectives

This project will explores the challenges and opportunities faced
by minority ethnic families when seeking help from assistance services and
their network and who parents taking care of children in everyday lives where they themselves or their children are exposed to violence by someone who share the same household.


Method: Qualitative interviews will be held with youth and their parents that are in contact with one or more assistance servises.  Through in-depth interview with parents and children we will be able to obtain more information on the individual opinions and experiences with the assistance services.

Further information

The project is part of a research program on domestic violence at the Norwegian center for violence and tramatic stress studies (NKVTS).


Kiamanesh, P., & Hauge, M. I. (2018). “We are not weak, we just experience domestic violence”—Immigrant women’s experiences of encounters with service providers as a result of domestic violence. Child & Family Social Work, 1-8. doi:10.1111/cfs.12615

Hauge, M. I. (2016). Barn og unges deltagelse i forskning om sensitive og erfaringsnære hendelser. In C. Øverlien, M. I. Hauge & J. H. Schultz (Red.) Barn, vold og traumer. Møter med unge i utsatte livssituasjoner. (pp. 253-264). Universitetsforlaget.