Topic: Violence and abuse

Perpetraition and experiences of violence and therapy progression in a sample of men undergoing tratement for violence to partners

2006 This project has been completed 2011

Project Manager

Project Members

  • Askeland, Ingunn Rangul
  • Råkil, Marius

Main objective

The purpose of the project is to gain increased understanding of men who voluntarily seek treatment for using violence in close relationships.


Use of information from the project journals of Alternative to Violence (ATV).

The treatment of perpetrators of violence is an important preventive measure in the work to reduce the use of violence. Since 1987, ATV has received about 3000 enquires from male violent offenders. Knowledge about this group is important for being able to further develop and promote good treatment.

An important question in order to understand perpetrators and their use of violence is what kind of treatment (method) the clients undergo, following which one is then able to draw conclusions about the effectiveness of the treatment. From American, English and Canadian research we know that there is great variation in the success rate of treatment. Part of the uncertainty associated with existing research in this field derives from the effectiveness of the treatment methods and/or whether the research methodology is adequate. In addition, the field of research interested in developing a more differentiated reflection of this client population, which can provide better answers to questions concerning what type of treatment works well for whom. This study builds on the outcomes in the project ‘Use of violence and experiences of violence in a sample of men in treatment for using violence in close relationships’ (NKVTS 2004– ), and focuses on possible connections between the types of violence the clients perpetrate and dropping out from treatment. Utvalget er ca 500 menn som har vært til behandling ved Alternativ til Vold. Denne typen undersøkelse er ikke tidligere utført i Norge.