Topic: Violence and abuse

Survey of available treatment for perpetrators of violence

2006 This project has been completed 2007

Project Members

  • Paulsen, Majken
  • Jonassen, Wenche

Main objective

To investigate the treatment and assistance available for aggressive and violent children, adolescents and adults in Norway


The study is based on two questionnaires given to assistance services that work with and treat individuals who have problems with violence and aggression. One of the questionnaires will investigate the available treatment for adults and the other will investigate the available treatment for children and adolescents.


Jonassen, W., & Paulsen, M. (2007). Hjelp og behandling til personer med volds- og aggresjonsproblemer: en nasjonal kartlegging av tilbud [Help and treatment for individuals with violence and aggression problems: a national assessment of available assistance.] Norwegian only.