Follow-up of Norwegian travelers after the tsunami in Southeast Asia 2004: description of the first results.

Lindgaard, C. V., Heir, T., Tønnesen, A., & Weisæth, L. (2007). Oppfølging av norske reisende etter Tsunamien i Sør Øst Asia 2004 : beskrivelse av de første resultatene [Follow-up of Norwegian travelers after the tsunami in Southeast Asia 2004: description of the first results.] Norwegian only.

The report is based on material from one of the Tsunami program’s sub-studies “Experiences and reactions of those who were present,” which includes Norwegian travelers 18 years and older.

The report provides a depiction of what Norwegian travelers were subjected to both during and after the disaster, their need of assistance and the aid they received both in the disaster area and after their return to Norway, physical and psychological health after the event, leave of absence at work, use of professional assistance and changes in worldview. 

The results show that many of the Norwegians travelers affected by the disaster found themselves in areas that were severely hit by the tsunami. Some individuals were engulfed by the masses of water and in physical danger. And many travelers were also exposed to additional negative circumstances in the disaster area before their return to Norway. Many described that the help they received from those close to them was extremely important, both during their time in the disaster area and after returning to home to Norway. Many were happy with the assistance public services offered, even though many didn’t require the assistance offered.

A minority, but still a significant proportion developed health problems after the disaster, including; difficulties sleeping, emotional instability, reduced memory and problems concentrating. Relatively many experienced changes in their worldview after their tsunami disaster experience.

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