Corona: Information and advice for children and teens in vulnerable situations

All families are different. Sometimes it can be really hard to spend a lot of time with your family. If things get too difficult, there are hotlines you can call.

Staying at home because of the coronavirus:

  • All families are different. Sometimes it can be really hard to spend a lot of time with your family.
  • It is quite normal to get angry, afraid or restless when things like this happen. We are in an unusual situation now where a virus is spreading fast to many people. It is totally normal to be scared.
  • Adults might get extra angry, irritated or sad now. Some might even get violent. This is not your fault.
  • Some children and teens have a hard time at home. This can make them feel alone. In unusual situations like this they might feel even more alone.
  • If you are having a hard time at home, it is important to keep in contact with your friends and relatives on social media or on the phone. You can talk to them about how you are doing at home, or about other things.
  • If you are having a very hard time at home, it might help to stay a different place where you feel safe. It might also be a good idea to find somewhere you can take some time for yourself.
  • It is also important to:
    • Keep on doing activities you like
    • Eat normally and don’t go to bed too late
    • Keep on working out, if you like it

What can I do if things get really bad at home?

If things at home get so bad that you need help, you can contact one of these places:

How does the coronavirus spread? Can I get sick?

  • Norway is in a state of emergency because of the coronavirus. But this will pass. Things will go back to normal again, we just don’t know when.
  • Most people who get the virus will only get mildly sick. Some will get so sick that they have to go to the hospital. These people are usually elderly, or they have other physical illnesses as well. The hospital will give anyone the help they need.
  • Children who get the virus will usually not get as sick as adults do.
  • There are a lot of rumours going around about the coronavirus. Some children have had others blaming them for spreading it. This is not true, of course. Children who get the virus have not done anything wrong.
  • It is normal to get a bit scared about getting sick or infected. There are many things you can do to avoid catching the virus, like staying at home, and washing your hands thoroughly and often.
  • It is important that everyone does their part to keep the virus from spreading. This is why children and teens have to stay home from school and not go to after school activities right now.


  • When we hear about new and unfamiliar things, we are fast to get uneasy or scared. Some people are afraid that something might happen to their friends or family. It is very normal to feel this way.
  • Children and teens get a lot of information from the internet and social media. Finding information is important, but too much information could get scary.
    • Protect yourself. Maybe watch something else for a while.
    • If you feel afraid or uneasy, take a break and do something that makes you happy.
    • Talking to someone can make you feel better.
  • Some information on the internet is fake, so be critical about where you get your facts.