Topic: Violence and abuse

EEA – Norway grant project Estonia

NKVTS is a partner to the Estonian Women's Shelter Association (EWSU) in a Project that develops services for victims of domestic violence, strengthen Cooperation between diofferent institutions and raise awareness among victims and teh general Public. NKVTS' main role is to provide expert trainers for a training of trainers module.

2014 This project has been completed 2015

Project Manager

Project Members

Main objective

NKVTS has in cooperation with EWSU provided experts for six training seminars for a selection of staff at hotline services and women shelters, as well as psychologists and lawyers counseling victims of violence. NKVTS were responsible for administration and identification of the expert trainers. They were introduced to the project and the task by NKVTS. In addition to researchers and staff at NKVTS, experts from Vestfold shelter, Modum Bad, Oslo shelter, Oslo police services, ATV and others have beeen forwarded as trainers. NKVTS has also hosted guests from Estonia on a one day study trip to the centre. NKVTS presented results and shared experience on a summing up conference at the end of the Ppoject period.