Topic: Violence and abuse

Look at my dress- the judicial interview of Oda . DVD and manual

2005 This project has been completed 2007

Project Manager

  • Langballe, Åse

    Langballe, Åse

    Retired Researcher II / dr. polit., special needs teacher

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Project Member

  • Gamst, Kari Trøften

Main objective

An educational tool (instructional video and manual) on judicial interviewing techniques of children will be produced during the project period.


The educational tool will be based on “the dialogic communication method” developed by the researchers during their doctoral thesis “Child Witnesses” (Gamst & Langballe, 2004).

This educational tool is primarily targeted towards police officers- and prosecutors, but also concerns child protective services and the departments- of health and education, in cases where violence, sexual abuse and neglect are suspected.

Further information

This developmental project was assigned to NKVTS by the Ministry of Justice and Public Security.


Langballe, Å., & Gamst, k. T. (2007). Se min kjole: Oda i dommeravhør. DVD og manual: Cynergi.