Topic: Violence and abuse

Risk and prevalence of female genital mutilation/cutting (FGM/C) among the immigrant population in Norway – an updated and refined extrapolation study

Using a refined methodology, this study will provide updated knowledge about the prevalence and risk of FGM/C in Norway. Because FGM/C causes physical, psychological, and sexual health problems, many vulnerable girls and women need healthcare. Those who have not been exposed need protection from FGM/C and its associated health problems. In order for the services to cater to the potential healthcare needs among the exposed, we need knowledge of the number of those affected, their age, country of origin, type of FGM/C, and thus type of needed healthcare. Similarly, preventive services need to know the number of those at risk, which factors prevent or promote the risk of FGM/C, and which municipalities to prioritize. 

2022 This project is ongoing 2025

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We organize the study in two work packages (WP). The first WP aims to identify factors influencing attitudes and behaviors towards FGM/C in Norway and estimate the effect size of migration and acculturation and preventive and protective measures (MAPPM) on attitudes and behaviors towards FGM/C among different affected migrant groups. For this package, we will combine a literature study with the expanded use of Delphi. In the second WP, we will adjust the extrapolated data for the effect of MAPPM calculated in the first WP and estimate the number of girls and women subjected to FGM/C and the number of girls at risk.