Topic: Violence and abuse

Shelters: Assessment of competency

2007 This project has been completed 2008

Project Members

  • Sogn, Hanne
  • Jonassen, Wenche

Main objective

In association with the hearing proposal concerning shelters being legislated by bureaucratic authority, NKVTS was assigned the task of mapping shelters’ competency need as well as creating a specific and customized training program for their employees.

Main issues

  • What is the present skill level at shelters?
  • What level of skill should be required to provide a good service for the victims of violence in intimate relationships?
  • Who are the clientgroups at shelters?
  • Is it necessary to expand the group of clients?
  • How should the competency at the shelters be developed and secured?


In the continuation of the project constructing a specifically customized training program for the employees of the shelters is planned.


The project is based on questionnaires given to the shelters concerning competency and need for skill building. This questionnaire was then followed by interviews of representatives from shelters and the shelters’ organizations. Relevant literature will also be used.


Jonassen, W., Sogn, H., Olsvik, V. M., & Hjemdal, O. K. (2008). Kunnskap – kvalitet – kapasitet: En nasjonal utredning om krisesentrenes kompetanse og tilgjengelighet [Knowledge- quality- capacity: A national assessment of women’s shelters competency and availability] Norwegian only. Oslo: Nasjonalt kunnskapssenter om vold og traumatisk stress. (Rapport 2/2008).