Topic: Violence and abuse

Shelters in Norway and Slovakia

This is a bilateral research project between NKVTS and the Coordinating Methodological Centre (CMC) in Slovakia. It is part of a cooperation programme on Domestic/Gender-based violence" funded by the EEA/Norway Grants. The research project studies domestic violence shelters as an arena for support, interventions and consciousness raising from the perspective of both women and children exposed to violence and staff and volunteers working at the shelters. The societal role of shelters in the two countries will also be examined in the project.   

2021 This project is ongoing 2024

Project Manager

Project Members

Main objective

The project consists of three work packages (WP):

WP 1 – Children and adolescents seeking support from domestic violence shelters. WP leader at NKVTS: Sabreen Selvik. Other participants: Carolina Øverlien.

WP 2 – Mothers in contact with domestic violence shelters. WP leader at NLVTS: Margunn Bjørnholt. Other participants: Nora S. Ruud. A MA-student will be attached to the project.

WP 3 – The societal role of the shelters: WP leader at NKVTS: Solveig Bergman. Other participants: Nora S. Ruud.


Qualitative in depth-interviews with women, children /adolescents and staff /employees, as well as expert interviews with policy makers etc. Document analysis.