Topic: Violence and abuse

Disclosure – A lifecourse perspective on barriers and facilitators to disclose

Violence is a key public health problem given its long-lasting negative individual consequences and significant societal costs. Many cases go undetected because victims are unable or unwilling to tell.  To prevent violence, both informal and formal networks need to know of its occurrence to provide support. Understanding the extent of disclosure among victims, the barriers that hinder disclosure and facilitators that enable disclosure, and identifying particular vulnerable groups, is crucial for the prevention of violence and the advancement of interventions for victims. 

2023 This project is ongoing 2027

Project Manager

  • Hafstad, Gertrud Sofie

    Hafstad, Gertrud Sofie

    Head of Section / Research Professor / PhD

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Main objective

The primary objectives of Disclosure are to 1) develop fundamental new understanding of the barriers and  facilitators for disclosure of violence and abuse across the lifespan; and 2) enhance knowledge about how victims reach out to help services, characteristics associated with formal disclosures and how primary care and the police facilitate such disclosures across age – and in different vulnerable groups of society. The secondary objective is to make the data generated from the scientific study of disclosures available to practice and to enable insights from practice guide our interpretation of the research findings. 


Disclosure seeks to address these issues across the lifespan in two large representative population samples. Further, Disclosure will gain systematic knowledge of victims’ help seeking and associated characteristics by examining data on individuals of all ages seeking help through national helpline services. Finally, a crucial component in preventing violence is implementing evidence-based research in the service sectors and facilitate cross-sectoral collaboration. Disclosure seeks to bridge the gap between research and the service sectors by applying a translational approach including key players from the trauma and violence research field (NKVTS), the low-threshold helpline services (The National Helpline Services for victims of violence and abuse) and specialized services (Oslo Police District). 

Further information

Disclosure is funded by the Research Council of Norway (project no. 341397).