Topic: Disasters, terror and stress management

The terror attack: How are the terrorist attacks affecting us? A study of the Norwegian population after the 22nd of July attacks

The main aims of terrorism is to awake fear in the population, and/or to influence attitudes. The terrorist attacks the 22nd of July was followed by a mobilisation of the population, with large amounts of people participating in official seremonies, flower parades and candle lighting, among other things. The attacks apear to have had a big impact on the population the first few days, but we know little of the effect over time

2011 This project has been completed 2017

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Main objective

This survey will give us knowledge about the ways in which 22nd of July has influenced the Norwegian population in terms of fear, mental health and attitudes towards safety and other current social topics.


2500 randomly selected persons will be invited to participate in a phone interview. Each interview will have a duration of aproximatly 20 minutes.

Further information


The Norwegian Directorate of Health has requested this study. Ipsos MMI is our collaborator for data collection.


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