Topic: Disasters, terror and stress management

Radicalization and psychological health – A literature review

A step in the development of the health sector's expertise in working with violent extremism is to identify any links between radicalization and individuals' mental health. It is supposed in the government's "Action Plan against violent extremism" (2014) that "radicalization and violent extremism can be seen in the context of domestic violence, behavioral and psychological problems." (P. 18). The Norwegian Centre for Violence and Traumatic Stress Studies (NKVTS) has developed a literatur review investigating the interplay between radicalization and mental health. NKVTS has not previously conducted research on the topic of "radicalization and violent extremism." This report summarizing the findings can be seen as a first step in this effort.

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Main objective

Describing existing knowledge about possible relationships between mental health and radicalization.

Subsidiary objectives

Establish expertise in NKVTS in research on radicalization and terrorism.


Literature review


Grønnerød, J. S., Andersen, A. J., & Hellevik, P. (2016). Radikalisering og psykisk helse – En kunnskapsoppsummering [Radicalization and psychological health – A knowledge review] Norwegian only. Oslo: Nasjonalt kunnskapssenter om vold og traumatisk stress. (Rapport 4/2016).