Topic: Disasters, terror and stress management

The Tsunami Programme, part 1: Experiences and reactions of those who were there. Children

2005 This project has been completed 2012

Project Manager

  • Dyb, Grete

    Dyb, Grete

    Research Professor / Professor, University of Oslo / dr. med.

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Main objective

To examine the consequences on children’s psychological health six months after being exposed to the 2004 tsunami disaster. The parents of children ages 6-18 years old reported the traumatic events experienced by their children and their children’s reactions by using a specific screening instrument.


Method: Questionnaire survey 6 months after the natural disaster.


Lindgaard, C. V., Heir, T., Tønnesen, A., & Weisæth, L. (2007). Oppfølging av norske reisende etter Tsunamien i Sør Øst Asia 2004 : beskrivelse av de første resultatene [Follow-up of Norwegian travelers after the tsunami in Southeast Asia 2004: description of the first results.] Norwegian only.