Topic: Violence and abuse

Therapist-reported knowledge, prevalence, and treatment of problematic and harmful sexual behavior among youth receiving services in Norwegian Child and Adolescent Mental Health Clinics

It is estimated that about one-third of all sexual assaults experienced by children and adolescents are committed by other children and adolescents.

2022 This project has been completed 2023

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Main objective

We have the following main aims:

  1. Investigate the therapists’ experiences and concerns about problematic and harmful sexual behavior among children and adolescents referred to child and adolescent mental health clinics.
  2. Investigate what methods, systems, and support therapists have access to when working with children with problematic and harmful sexual behavior.
  3. Explore the therapists experience of competency, support, and self-efficacy, and its relationship with burnout, and secondary traumatic stress.


    We will use a cross-sectional design where data will be collected at one given time point in a pre-defined population including therapists and leaders working in Norwegian child and adolescent mental health clinics. In addition, qualitative interviews will be conducted by a sub-sample of therapists and leaders.

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