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Skjærvø, Ingeborg

Forsker II
Telephone: +4741453842

Areas of Expertise

– Traume treatment for children (Stepped Care TF-CBT)

– Substance use, with focus on crime and crime victimization and chronic pain.

– Cognitive psychology


Academic Articles

Fagermoen, E. M., Skjærvø, I., Birkeland, M. S., Jensen, T., Ormhaug, S. M., (2024). The bidirectional associations between caregiver and child symptoms in the parent-led treatment stepping together for children after traumaElsevier. doi:10.1016/j.brat.2023.104459

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Bukten, A., Virtanen, S., Hesse, M., Thylstrup, B., Kvamme, T. L., Seid, A. K., Chang, Z., Skjærvø, I., Tverborgvik, T., Stavseth, M. R., (2024). The prevalence of substance use disorders among people in Norwegian, Danish and Swedish prisons: A multi-national cohort study, 2010–19Blackwell Publishing. doi:10.1111/add.16477

Ormhaug, S. M., Skjærvø, I., Dyrdal, G. M., Fagermoen, E. M., Haabrekke, K. J. Ø., Jensen, T., Knutsen, M. L., Næss, A., Päivärinne, H. M., Martinsen, M., (2024). Stepping Together for Children After Trauma (ST-CT): Feasibility and Predictors of Outcome of a Parent-led, Therapist Assisted TreatmentSpringer. doi:https://doi.org/10.1007/s10802-024-01199-5

Bukten, A., Skjærvø, I., Stavseth, M. R., (2023). Exploring mental health comorbidities and opioid agonist treatment coverage among people in prison: A national cohort study 2010–2019Elsevier. doi:10.1016/j.drugalcdep.2023.110896

Fagermoen, E. M., Skjærvø, I., Jensen, T., Ormhaug, S. M., (2023). Parent-led stepped care for traumatised children: parental factors that predict treatment completion and responseTaylor & Francis. doi:10.1080/20008066.2023.2225151

Bukten, A., Skjærvø, I., & Stavseth, M. R. (2022). The association of prison security level with mortality after release from prison: a retrospective national cohort study (2000–16). The Lancet Public Health, 7(7), 583-592. doi:10.1016/S2468-2667(22)00107-4

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Latif, Z. E. H., Skjærvø, I., Solli, K. K., & Tanum, L. H. R. (2021). Chronic Pain Among Patients With an Opioid Use Disorder. American Journal on Addictions, 30(4), 366-375. doi:10.1111/ajad.13153

Skjærvø, I., Clausen, T., Skurtveit, S., Abel, E. K. F., & Bukten, A. (2018). Similarities and Differences in Victimization Risk Factors for Nonoffending and Offending Substance Users. Victims & Offenders, 13(4), 526-541. doi:10.1080/15564886.2017.1383332

Abel, E. K. F., Skjærvø, I., Ravndal, E., Clausen, T., & Bramness, J. G. (2018). Perceived Self-Control is Related to Mental Distress in Patients Entering Substance Use Disorder Treatment. Substance Use & Misuse, 53(9), 1454-1462. doi:10.1080/10826084.2017.1413114

Skjærvø, I., Skurtveit, S., Clausen, T., & Bukten, A. (2017). Substance use pattern, self-control and social network are associated with crime in a substance-using population. Drug and Alcohol Review, 36(2), 245-252. doi:10.1111/dar.12406

Jørgensen, K. N., Skjærvø, I., Mørch-Johnsen, L., Haukvik, U. K. H., Lange, E., Melle, I., . . . Agartz, I. et al. (2015). Cigarette smoking is associated with thinner cingulate and insular cortices in patients with severe mental illness. Journal of Psychiatry & Neuroscience, 40(4), 241-249. doi:10.1503/jpn.140163

Books and dissertations

Skjærvø, I. (2018). Substance use and crime - Characteristics of victim and offender roles in a longitudinal study of patients entering substance use treatment. Universitetet i Oslo. (Doktorgradsavhandling).


Bukten, A., Lokdam, N., Clausen, T., & Skjærvø, I. (2021). Bruk, besittelse og ruspåvirket kjøring blant innsatte i Norske fengsel 2000-2019 Norwegian only. Oslo, Norge: Senter for rus og avhengighetsforskning (SERAF).

Other publications

Fagermoen, E. M., Jensen, T. K., Skjærvø, I., & Ormhaug, S. M. (2022 November). Child and Caregiver Secondary Outcomes after the Parent-led step 1 of Stepped Care Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Children after Trauma (SC-CBT-CT): Results from a Pilot Study. Paper presented at ISTSS 38th Annual Meeting: Trauma and Transdiagnostic Risk Factor Across the Lifespan, Atlanta, Georgia.

Skjærvø, I. (2022 March). YoungPris - Young prison inmates. Paper presented at Fagmøte, Oslo.

Skjærvø, I. (2022 June). Tall om unge i kriminalomsorgen. Foredrag på Fag og erfaringssamling om unge i kriminalomsorgen, Lillestrøm.

Bukten, A., Lokdam, N. T., Lokdam, N., Skjærvø, I., Ugelvik, T., Skurtveit, S. O., Gabrhelík, R., . . . Stavseth, M. R. et al. (2022). PriSUD-Nordic—Diagnosing and Treating Substance Use Disorders in the Prison Population: Protocol for a Mixed Methods Study. JMIR Research Protocols, 11(3). doi:10.2196/35182

Bjerketvedt, H. K. (2021). Perceived Parental Support in Stepped Care Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Universitetet i Oslo. (Hovedfagsoppgave).

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Næss, A., Jensen, T. K., Skjærvø, I., Ormhaug, S. M., Skagemo, C. U., & Martinsen, M. (2019 September). Municipal Leaders’ Attitudes Towards Evidence-Based Interventions Targeting Interpersonal Violence: Testing Stepped-Care Trauma-Focused Cognitive-Behavioral-Therapy (SC-TF-CBT) in Norway. Paper presented at 3rd European Conference on Domestic Violence (ECDV), Oslo, Oslo Congress Center.

Skjærvø, I. (2015 October). Correlates of criminal behavior in substance users. Results from NorCOMT: a national cohort study. Paper presented at ISAM Dundee 2015, Dundee, Skottland.

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Skjærvø, I. (2010). Attentional bias towards supraliminal and subliminal smoking cues in smokers: Effects of cognitive load on attentional bias. Universitetet i Oslo. (Mastergradsoppgave).

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