Skjærvø, Ingeborg

Unit: Section for Implementation and treatment research

Areas of Expertise

– Traume treatment for children (Stepped Care TF-CBT)

– Substance use, with focus on crime and crime victimization and chronic pain.

– Cognitive psychology


Scientific articles and chapters

Abel, E. K. F., Skjærvø, I., Ravndal, E., Clausen, T., & Bramness, J. G. (2018). Perceived Self-Control is Related to Mental Distress in Patients Entering Substance Use Disorder Treatment. Substance Use & Misuse, 53(9), 1454-1462. doi:10.1080/10826084.2017.1413114

Skjærvø, I., Clausen, T., Skurtveit, S., Abel, E. K. F., & Bukten, A. (2018). Similarities and Differences in Victimization Risk Factors for Nonoffending and Offending Substance Users. Victims & Offenders, 13(4), 526-541. doi:10.1080/15564886.2017.1383332

Skjærvø, I., Skurtveit, S., Clausen, T., & Bukten, A. (2017). Substance use pattern, self-control and social network are associated with crime in a substance-using population. Drug and Alcohol Review, 36(2), 245-252. doi:10.1111/dar.12406

Jørgensen, K. N., Skjærvø, I., Mørch-Johnsen, L., Haukvik, U. K. H., Lange, E., Melle, I., . . . Agartz, I. et al. (2015). Cigarette smoking is associated with thinner cingulate and insular cortices in patients with severe mental illness. Journal of Psychiatry & Neuroscience, 40(4), 241-249. doi:10.1503/jpn.140163

Books and dissertations

Skjærvø, I. (2018). Substance use and crime – Characteristics of victim and offender roles in a longitudinal study of patients entering substance use treatment. Universitetet i Oslo. (Dissertation).

Other publications

Næss, A., Jensen, T. K., Skjærvø, I., Ormhaug, S. M., Skagemo, C. U., & Martinsen, M. (2019 September). Municipal Leaders’ Attitudes Towards Evidence-Based Interventions Targeting Interpersonal Violence: Testing Stepped-Care Trauma-Focused Cognitive-Behavioral-Therapy (SC-TF-CBT) in Norway. Paper presented at 3rd European Conference on Domestic Violence (ECDV), Oslo, Oslo Congress Center.

Skjærvø, I., Latif, Z. E. H., Solli, K. K., & Tanum, L. H. R. (2019 November). Forekomst av kronisk smerte blant opioidavhengige. Foredrag på Vettre-seminaret, Lillestrøm.

Skjærvø, I. (2015 October). Correlates of criminal behavior in substance users. Results from NorCOMT: a national cohort study. Paper presented at ISAM Dundee 2015, Dundee, Skottland.

Jørgensen, K. N., Skjærvø, I., Mørch-Johnsen, L., Haukvik, U. K. H., Lange, E., Melle, I., . . . Agartz, I. et al. (2014). Poster #T107 Cigarette smoking is associated with reduced cingulate and insular thickness among patients with psychosis and bipolar spectrum disorders. Schizophrenia Research, 153(1), S327. doi:10.1016/S0920-9964(14)70924-7

Skjærvø, I. (2010). Attentional bias towards supraliminal and subliminal smoking cues in smokers: Effects of cognitive load on attentional bias. Universitetet i Oslo. (Master’s thesis).