Topic: Disasters, terror and stress management

The landslide disaster in Gjerdrum municipality: Early intervention and health trajectories after mass trauma

On the night of 30 December, 2020 a landslide occurred in the center of Ask, in Gjerdrum municipality, in the southeast part of Norway. The quick clay landslide is the largest that has been registered in Norway in recent times. Ten people and an unborn child are confirmed dead. At least 33 housing units were totally destroyed in the landslide, and over 1,200 people were evacuated.  Gjerdrum municipality is currently implementing a comprehensive outreach plan to meet the needs of health and social services in the heavily affected population. The program is based on three main principles: proactivity in early outreach, assessment of needs, and targeted interventions for individuals in need. A screen and treat protocol will be implemented to meet actual needs.

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Main objective

This study has two aims. The first is to understand more of what may be typical health
trajectories after mass trauma for children (age 6 and above) and adults and what predicts
these trajectories (Study 1). The second is to understand what may be effective early
interventions to prevent long-term health and psychosocial problems for youth (age 6-19) (Study 2).

By building knowledge related to trajectories after mass trauma and early interventions, this study will contribute with novel knowledge that will make the health system more prepared to reoll out evidence-supported early interventions following mass traumas. 


Study 1: Participants will be followed in a longitudinal design from the first assessment
approximately 8 weeks after the landslide and every four weeks over a one year period. 


Study 2: Participants and their parent will receive treatment based on Trauma-Focused Cognitiv Beahvioural Therapy (TF-CBT). Data will be collected to investigate the effect of the intervention. To versions of TF-CBT will be compared in randomized design,  a verision focused on skills-training and version focused on narrative exposure.