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Egeland, Karina

Senior Researcher / PhD of Psychology
Telephone: 906 02 326

Areas of Expertise

  • Implementation science, implementation leadership and climate
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder, evidence-based practices
  • Mental health services

Egeland has a PhD from the Department of Psychology at the University of Oslo (2018).

Egeland’s research focuses on improving the quality and equity of care provided to patients in mental health care and public sector practice settings. It does so by identifying and improving factors that impact successful implementation and sustainment of evidence-based practices and quality. Egeland’s PhD thesis was about the implementation of Illness Management and Recovery, a treatment for people with severe mental illnesses, in community and specialized mental health services. Her current work focuses on the implementation of evidence-based treatment for PTSD in adult specialized mental health services. By using an implementation strategy called Leadership and Organizational Change for Implementation (LOCI), Egeland and her team train managers and leaders to become effective leaders, to create a positive implementation climate and succeed with implementing and sustaining PTSD treatment methods in their organizations.

Egeland is the leader of the nationwide implementation of evidence-based practices for PTSD, initiated by the National Directorate for Health. The team collaborates with several national and international partners within trauma treatment and implementation research.

Egeland is also the leader of the Norwegian Network for Implementation Research (NIMP), which organizes seminars and an annual national implementation research conference. NIMP collaborates with the European Implementation Collaborative (EIC).

Egeland is widely consulted by government agencies, health services, municipalities on topics related to implementation and sustainment of evidence-based practices.

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